Friday, October 9, 2015

where am I?

In a land of giant slugs.  

But not raining so hard that I can't go hiking...

There are sheep and cows and ancient apple trees. Mountains, too, but hidden in fog today. This could be the Prairies for what I see of slopes. 

Figs and lemons grow here too.

A cat, closely related to a cat called Charlie who lives in Montreal, comes to visit when I'm sitting in the garden.

Here's a wooden ceiling approx 1000 yrs old.

Here I'm being shown how one makes decorative plaster moulding.

This is what I see out the kitchen window of the apartment where we're staying. Cool or portentous?

The door of our building is a gorgeous stained glass door that weighs a ton to swing open. I can't get the little toy computer with which I'm travelling to show it upright. In real life it is upright.

More I could show you but I'm footloose and going off for a walk now that the sky has cleared up.


  1. Beautiful pics. And I love those hiking bootlegs!

  2. You are Waldo! So beautiful. The one with you walking with the umbrella... envy. *sigh*

  3. This is embarrassing. I had to look up Waldo. Ah.
    Perfect answer, Carin.