Monday, February 13, 2017

random pics Oaxaca, Mexico Jan 2017

The first thing when you leave Canada in January and land in Oaxaca in southern Mexico is to feel sunshine and warmth on your skin. You can shed the hat, the scarf, the mitts, the jacket, the sweaters. And that in itself is sheer animal happiness...

The jacaranda trees were just coming out in bloom when we got there.  

Colours! Why don't we paint our houses in Canada different colours??? 

Or decorate our ceilings with little men?  

Here's a simple cafe menu. And oh, a fresco that happens to be a few hundred years old. 

Grasshoppers are a local delicacy served as snacks, so pay attention to what you pop in your mouth. No little legs on this plate, so probably there were only peanuts. 

You can always grab a taxi. 

Read a book if you're feeling contemplative.

This is the land where skeletons get dressed up in fancy clothes and skulls are encrusted with precious stones.

Here's R getting into the spirit.

Here, no building yet, but when there will be one, they've planned where to put the balcony.

In this one building, you can get so many different medical procedures, I'm wondering why we have whole hospital complexes in Canada.

Or a whole store for selling lamp oil which makes me wonder... does everyone have electricity?

Please note that I asked if she minded if I took a picture. Many people refused when I asked, so I don't have too many pics of people.  

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