Sunday, April 12, 2015

Manitoba in April

We went to Winnipeg for a week to visit with friends. The friends include four boys which gave R the opportunity to revisit boyhood.

The boys tumble about, but they also build things and paint.

I like how South America hangs off the edge: too large for the page but not forgotten.

I learned some pedagogical tricks in the event I ever need to tempt a 4-yr-old to get dressed. This actually worked. He was still in his pyjamas then he wasn't. I thought I was watching the whole time but didn't see when he slithered into his clothes, socks and underpants included.

We visited the Human Rights Museum and played interactive learning games, including how to make a soccer ball from crumpled newspaper, plastic bags and twine. Who needs Walmart? Especially in a world where plastic bags are ubiquitous. I watched the demonstrators show each boy how to make a soccer ball and each time waited for them to comment on the availability of plastic bags even in underdeveloped countries, but they didn't. Right, it was the Human Rights Museum. We need another museum for Environmental Disasters.

We made a trip to the Winnipeg Art Gallery as per the request of the third eldest boy who wanted to have a look at Inuit art, which we did. This was day #5 of our visit and my energy was starting to flag.

Here I made the mistake of asking if I could take a picture. 

Fort Whyte again next year? With everyone except me a head taller. 

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  1. That boy has good taste! Winnipeg has an amazing Inuit art collection. Maybe a budding sculptor?? Lovely tour. (I'll pass along the 'dressing' tip to a young mum I know.) My favourite thing though was 'the problem' of S. America, solved. (: