Tuesday, September 23, 2014

homegrown = idiosyncratic

It's wonderful to come home after a week away and see that my garden has been progressing, albeit slowly in the cool weather. True, the last melon was scooped hollow by some large-mouth creature or an industrious army of voracious beasties, but overall the melons weren't a success. They tasted like round peach-coloured cucumbers. Arugula and hot peppers did well. The last tomatoes are still green. I brought home a bouquet of red and cream carnations. And a heap of radishes.
I'm not sure how the lovely bundles of radishes at the market are all the same size and shape--or do the radishes that aren't the correct size and shape get thrown away as retards? Even at the organic stalls the radishes show more radish solidarity. Mine... well, I guess they're mine.

More on the week away later.


  1. You must have wonderfully rich and loose soil to grow these tiny red perfections. My soil has never been to a radish's liking (they express their frustration with pinched and tough little bodies). I grow them for the sprouts mostly. But as they are one of my favourite summertime foods, I'm creating a new bed with what I hope will be soil that pleases their majesties... (As for even sizing and symmetry... that's always a bad sign. The best food is oddly shaped...!)

  2. I assumed they would be easy to grow--since I could do it. I did till deeply before planting. And added a sprinkling of compost.