Tuesday, June 1, 2021

what is wrong with this photo? / subway pics

She looks good. She takes the time to make sure everything she wears matches. My guess is her panties and bra match too--not just with each other but her whole outfit. A checkerboard bra for example?

The dialogue bubbles on the paper bag the grocery store gave her say: Do not forget... do not forget... your bags the next time. 

But she did forget. In fact, does she ever bother? Though look at how nicely she's turned up her cuffs to show off her smooth ankles. 


This photo was taken 5 minutes earlier. Same weather outside but he's wearing a parka and gloves. He doesn't "fit" into the general picture of Montreal in early summer as well as she does. 

But he knows how to read. His bag has been recycled many times. 

It says: Choose to recycle this bag. 


This bag is doubly green when you use it on the bus or subway.