Monday, January 4, 2021

holiday #walking

I didn't imagine this exact scene when I bought R the hat in Mexico in 2019, but I imagined that we would one day be walking in a monochromatic Montreal winter and he would be a spot of bright colour. 

We didn't have snow, we did, then we didn't again, then we did.  

Croissants don't--and shouldn't--belong to a healthy squirrel's diet, but it probably shouldn't belong to mine either, so I finally shared mine. Holiday time after all.

I was always glad to see people out walking, moving, striding along, whether with a friend or alone. 

I wondered if the dog would have liked to take his human to the parlour for grooming.  

I stood below this tree and saw a torso twisting up into the night, branches raised in song, a gown of snow. It was New Year's Eve--an aria of farewell to 2020. 


Happy New Year and stay safe as we wait to see what 2021 holds... 


  1. The grandstand with the shadows is a little masterpiece...

  2. Dearest Alice, I wish you a better year as well, in full health! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos with us, they do not go unoticed...

    1. Have a healthy and happy year,AnaMaria! Thank you for being there.