Tuesday, November 10, 2020

walking at dusk

It gets dark earlier and I am often still out on my afternoon walk at sunset and dusk when the light effects are so interesting. 

The first pic I took was along the Lachine Canal with the abandoned Canada Malting complex in the background. When I posted it on FB, a friend commented that it looked like an Arthurian castle. It *is* a post-industrial castle. And if it deserves a fairy tale, as another friend suggested, then I offer Rose and Leo's romance in my novel, Five Roses (Le rosier de la pointe), since this is the abandoned factory where I imagined Leo squatting.  

In the second, I was looking over my shoulder at the sky--then saw the two places of worship: the steeples and the lit sign of the Dollarama. 

At the Five Roses flour mill, the doors were open and we saw milled flour being funnelled into an enormous container truck. The funnels were as large as small rooms. You could smell the flour in the air. 


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