Thursday, April 4, 2019

inbetween seasons in the city

It's an inbetween, dirty time of year in the city. Snow is melting, albeit slowly.

I don't mind the mud that at least promises growth. I do mind the thawing garbage that's been hidden by the snow.

Do people really truly believe it's hidden???? Why do they scoop dog poop into bright green plastic bags and then drop the bags on the ground? Poop would decompose more quickly.

All the junk underfoot. Or caught up in the branches of a tree where the wind blew it.

It saddens me to see the garbage and mess humans make. When the snow melts, we see what's been accumulating on the ground all winter. Yeah, no, guess what? The sidewalk plows didn't get it all.

I could take so so so many pictures of garbage.

But I look to see what else is out there--while we still have an "out there". 

I'm lucky since I live close enough to the river that I can get away from the sidewalks.

Mind you, the path by the river is littered with plastic too.


  1. All looks quite merveilleux to moi!

  2. The crutches have disappeared and the cat only rarely gets up to that very narrow window ledge to stare at the world--and me when she deigns to notice--but the river and the Charlevoix bridge and the cornices will be waiting for you. Malheureusement, the garbage-dregs of winter too...