Thursday, June 20, 2013

when you're an anglo cycling in quebec

When you're an Anglo cycling in Quebec and someone comes up behind you and says, Gauche, that's not necessarily a comment on your cycling style. It means Left, as in I'm coming up on your left.
I've lived here long enough that I know this, but while one part of my brain understands Left, another part wonders if my elbows are sticking out or I'm cycling knock-kneed or sliding off my seat.


  1. Thanks for the giggle, Alice. If I had heard that, I'd have assumed they were commenting on my flourescent yellow jersey, funky bike socks and dorky video camera on my helmet. Which...actually, now that I think about it...yes, does seem pretty gauche/hideous.

    1. Geez, I didn't even think about the cycling outfit...