Wednesday, June 27, 2018

no excuses, I was playing with my new camera

My afternoon started in a hospital waiting room. I did not have to wear a gown. I only needed a blood test. I was pleased to see that of the five people, four were reading. I was experimenting with how far away I could be and still get a pic with some detail without anyone noticing that I was taking a pic. Yes, yes, I invade privacy but I'm a writer so I already shamelessly eavesdrop on conversations--not public cell phone gab but the quiet beginnings of tension at the next restaurant table.

Blood test over, I had a meandering walk and saw children with a great sense of purpose.

Parents with their kids too. Was it the last day of school? (No, Alice, already almost suppertime. School was over.)

I ended up in my garden where I picked some lettuce.

I don't mind the holes in the leaves. I wash the lettuce before I eat it. If the bugs find it so tasty, I usually do too.

As always, I'm impressed by my Bangladeshi neighbour's two-tiered utilization of space and hope to get organized to do that myself one year. In a month's time, she'll have squash growing up the sides of the trellis and hanging from the top with greens in the shade underneath.

This is *my* Montreal: lots of room for different people and cultures, parents and kids.

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