Monday, April 2, 2018

in passing / en passant

Walked a lot this past long weekend. Saw sights/sites in passing...

Boy hugging Dad on motorcycle with baguette.

A brand of bleach as graffiti?

Why not. Freud would have a heyday.

I'm sorta hoping the word was random, not evidence of deep-seated trauma about having to change and wash sheets twice a day.

Bibi does get hearts to dot his/her i's.

Here's me caught in passing.

I very much like that my hairdresser never asks what we're going to do about my colour. I left a hairdresser 10 yrs ago who asked. We're not going to do anything about my colour.

This afternoon I was wowed by a dance documentary about Louise Lecavalier. 58 yrs old and she moves in ways most of us would never guess was possible. Here's the trailer--watch it for what she does with her body.
Here she talks about dancing with David Bowie in 1988.

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