Monday, January 29, 2018

sand vests for kids / cultural differences

R, who likes to send me snippets of news from the greater world, especially when it has to do with some contentious German practice, lets me know that there are German schools treating students who have ADHD with sand vests.

Some parents are concerned.

I'm wondering about my own reactions. My acquired Canadian ears wonder if it isn't a bit appalling. Imagine being buckled into a vest weighted with sand! However my genetic Teutonic ears (let's call them) can immediately feel in my body how utterly comforting this would feel to wear.

In the article one teacher says it's like a hug.

Well, an inanimate hug--which sort of goes against the idea of a hug--but I actually get the gist.

I've asked R if he can get me one adult female medium for when I'm having panic attacks about writing and I'm alone at home.

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