Sunday, July 3, 2016

fun things happening for Five Roses

It's only early July and already fun things are happening for Five Roses.

My press, Dundurn, made this lovely map to locate events in the novel.

As a point of reference, here's the one I sent them:

Not ready for a career as a cartographer, am I?

Though this reminds me of the time an eminent person asked where I lived. I drew a map of the island of Montreal. (That's right. Montreal is on an island in the St. Lawrence River.) Then I located the point of land known as Pointe St-Charles.

She gasped and said, "You live in the nipple!"

So the map above is an expanded nipple.

First the snazzy map, and then a soft package arrived which didn't seem at all paper or book-related. But look! A cloth panel of my book cover which I've tacked it to my study door.

That, above the panel, is a Little Nell knocker a friend brought from Edinburgh. We both compare notes as to what does and doesn't convince housemates that we're working.

R found this card of a Five Roses flour beach mat. And she's reading a book! (Though how she manages to be comfortable with a book in that pose, I don't know.)

And here's me holding Five Roses wearing a Five Roses T-shirt, standing in front of the FARINE FIVE ROSES sign on the Lachine Canal.

Where can you buy the book? In Montreal at the Paragraphe Bookstore, Drawn & Quarterly, and the downtown Indigo. In Toronto at the Indigo in the Eaton Centre. In Whitby at Chapters. If you know of other bookstores, please drop me a line.
You can order it directly from the publisher at
It's available on ibooks and will be available at Amazon on July 23rd. If you buy it on Amazon, do please rate the book or write a review. That really helps. A Goodreads or Library Thing rating is also grand.

All right, that's enough about the book. Next post I'm going to write about my garden.  

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