Monday, December 22, 2014

social action nativity scene / pointe st-charles

What do we have here? It's a few days before Christmas and looks like a nativity scene such as you can see at this time of year in countries where Christianity is practiced. This one's in our neighbourhood, one street over outside the health clinic.

The sign behind it translates as: Birthing Center, Pointe Sainte Charles. We can't wait any longer. They're coming out!  Or however you want to translate Ça pousse!

On closer examination, it's not Mary and Joseph hovering over a baby in a manger, but a doctor or midwife delivering a nappy-haired infant. Pregnant women are standing waiting. All kinds of pregnant women.

Subtext? Give these women somewhere better than a stable. More than one healthcare professional available please. All those babies just ready to drop.

Whoever designed this display: thumbs up!

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