Friday, March 21, 2014

archways / Mexico City 2014

What is it that welcomes--draws the eye--about an archway?

Because they beckon farther/further? (I'm not sure if I mean a physical sense of distance--in which case farther--or an abstract depth.)

Here's the mascot to attract passersby through an archway to an exhibition of humouristic books in a courtyard.

I went in to see what I could understand. I'm in the middle ground--the palest person in the courtyard. The sign belongs to an artist who was offering to draw personalized caricatures. He offered to do one of me. I told him mi esposo drew--and who could get more personal than that? He gave a nod informed with the gravity of ancient Aztec culture. I was proud to get such a dignified response to my primitive Spanish.
Though he might only have been thinking: stingy tourist go home.

I'd bought opera tickets in order to get inside the magnificent Palacio de Bellas Artes. I expected an old style playhouse with proscenium arch and private boxes for patrons--and wasn't disappointed.

Though, with our cheapest of the cheap tickets, we were closer to the stained-glass ceiling than the opera--so close that I could only get part of it in the frame.

And here is the monumental Monumento a la RevoluciĆ³n which stands high and imposing in the brilliant sunshine.

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