Sunday, August 12, 2018

lists / montreal

Does everyone do this? When I see a list, I wonder about the order. Especially when it's seemingly random and the organizational principle is ad hoc? idiosyncratic? impelled by...?

We were cycling and stopped at a dep to buy a drink. The list--the usual Montreal mishmash of French and English--outside the door read:

Jerk Links (is this like jerk chicken but a sausage?)
Ice Cream
Water / Juice

So you smoke your cigar before you eat your ice cream
chew gum before a meal
milk isn't a grocery
you'll never win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket
ask what a jerk link is
check if anyone liked your last witty comment on social media
buy worms to go fishing
hope the person behind the counter doesn't get confused or worms might end up in your sandwich


  1. All my talk about those lists I've been making has had a (subliminal?) domino effect! *smiling*

  2. I am treating my cat for worms right now so the notion that one shops for wormer is close to my heart. (But you can't shop for it any longer. You have to either buy it from the vet -- 52 dollars for the treatment -- or you buy it online -- 15 dollars...And therein lies a story.) My own shopping lists are often in "code" -- I wonder if I do this in order to keep secrets, that I'm buying things I wish I didn't have to buy? Hmmm.

    1. I want an example of what's in code! Though I suppose it would be more fun if the code was for items you craved but didn't want anyone to know you were buying.
      You've made me remember how my mother always wrote "toilet tissue" on the shopping list. She told me never to write "toilet paper".
      Poor cat--a worm cure.

  3. He only needs the cure because he's a voracious hunter. Shrews, mice, birds (unfortunately), though he's now sporting a hot pink collar and a bell. (Pink, because if he slips it, we can more easily see it!)
    So. Code. I always used tx for tampons. BW for toilet paper. My friend's mum always wrote Special K for kotex and her kids, perusing the list, wondered why there was never Special K in the cereal cupboard. I have some others that I won't confess to but think "the aging body" and you might get the idea. I once found a list in the shopping cart at the local grocery store that was drawn, and quite nicely too. Ruffly lettuce, a brick of butter, a chicken, a head of garlic.

  4. Hm... tx I might have figured out. Special K is great! BW... I'm still puzzling over.
    A hand-drawn shopping list reminds me of how my sister-in-law, who had Down Syndrome and couldn't read, used flip cards to do her groceries. She was disgusted when I went with her one day and she showed me an image of an avocado and I got an avocado. I was supposed to have known that an avocado meant a kiwi. She couldn't find a picture of a kiwi.

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