Thursday, August 30, 2018

Le rosier de la Pointe

I'm very happy to introduce the cover of my novel, Five Roses, translated into French by the gifted Bertrand Busson. Huge, effusive thank you to Mélanie Vincelette, publisher of Marchand de Feuilles! The book will be in bookstores as of September 12th (thereabouts).

The title translates literally as The Rosebush of the Pointe which is an excellent title for the novel--and sounds good in French.

Below is an interview which appeared this past weekend in Montreal's respected La Presse. As Dimitri said, it was a mega spread and we're both delighted.

The title of the interview is apt: The End and the Beginning of the World.

In other but hardly less significant news, my plot in the community garden won first prize in the annual horticultural awards! I'm sure it's because of my mega rhubarb!

Here I am bringing home some basil in style. Note: that's not a bouquet I'm holding in my arms. It's a bucket of basil on the floor. Our amazing community garden in the background.

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