Sunday, August 19, 2018

growing beets, basil, tomatoes / improv gardening


I love my community garden! I go there and feel like I'm in the most concentrated green spot in the city. There are approximately fifty plots and everyone is growing, growing, growing plants. Green beans, onions, zucchini, fennel, rhubarb, lettuce, tomatoes, raspberries, dill, hot peppers, flowers. My favourite plots have clever two-tiered structures with vines climbing up the sides, squash hanging down through the top slats, delicate greens in the shade beneath.  I will try this yet.

I was working in my plot today and another gardener asked why I was heaping damp, mucky soil around my beet roots. I have no reason. I'm not following advice I've been given or read.

But I feel that if *I* were a beet bulb starting to push out of the ground into the hot sun, I would like someone to slap cool mud around me. I guess what I'm hoping, too, is that the beets will keep growing.

Yeah, yeah, I've been known to hug trees too...

This here is all basil except for the tomatoes hanging over the top of their trellis. I planted them close together because basil is supposed to keep tomato hornworm away. Seems to have worked.

I had a good year with both basil and tomatoes and will buddy them up again.

Back in May I actually worried I wasn't going to have enough basil so I planted another little pot. I need to start making pesto.

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