Wednesday, July 22, 2020

urban garden jungle / montreal

My garden looks like a thriving paradise of plants.

It's actually a battle armed with hairy creepers, stinging tentacles, sneaky rhizomes.

Every year I think I’ve given the plants enough space and every year they fight for more.

What do I see here? There will be tomatoes. Or... there might be. Because there are also racoons, squirrels and groundhogs--who also like tomatoes.

There are no crash-car movie scenes. It’s not intergalactic warfare.

But believe me, there’s fierce conniving, choking and strangulation snaking in the shadows.

Here especially.

The beans grasping for territory, the tomato determined to hold its own.

And I'm not even mentioning the squirrels, groundhogs, racoons, skunks, earwigs with their pincers, gooseberry maggots inside the black currants, the slugs and other bibittes. 

In short, I'm loving another summer of gardening in my plot at the Jardin Communautaire la Pointe-Verte.