Sunday, May 3, 2020

walking where no one walks

I'm not sure why in a time of social distancing--AS IN NOW--people are heading in droves to Parc Lafontaine, Mont Royal, the Lachine Canal.

People say they need to get outside, they want their exercise. Okay, me too!

There are places to walk that aren't as pretty-picturesque but they belong to the city we live in too.

Nobody else is there. Isn't that the point?

Last fall someone was looking forward to sitting on this bench, maybe on their coffee break? to read a book? have lunch with a friend? That person planted tulip bulbs. The building itself is closed until further notice. I sat there for them.


  1. I'd say that is a magnificent walk. Why no one goes to these hidden places I do not know. The tulips are marvellous. (no you know whats in that 'hood??)

  2. I wish that whoever planted those tulips could/would see them...

  3. I hope they do see them... It is quite humbling to watch nature creating beauty.

    1. The tenacity of green plants growing and blooming, yes...