Wednesday, June 27, 2018

urban heron / cycling Montreal

If a heron is anywhere near Montreal, I suppose it can be called an urban heron.

And yes, I mean a heron, not a heroine or a hero. Heron = large bird, long beak to scoop fish swimming by, long neck to swallow fish, known for standing in the water on one leg to mimic a tree trunk or branch to fool the fish.

If you walk or cycle by the river at a certain time of day you can often see a couple of them standing near or on a rock pretending to be the statue of a tree. Or flying by. A Great Blue Heron has a wingspan of six feet or almost two metres. Hard to miss, though I saw a mom who wouldn't take her eyes off her phone though her kid was insisting there was a super-grand oiseau in the air!

On the weekend we cycled along the river and into Lachine for an iced coffee. Last year I saw this heron on a deck behind a house, basking in the peachy rays of the sun that was low in the sky. This year there he was again, though the sky was overcast.

That was his hangout. At ease, grooming himself in plain view of cyclists and pedestrians passing by.

Poor quality pics because I was using my phone BUT have just gifted myself a new camera that I'm going to have lots of fun using. Yup, still a snap and go--nothing fancy for me--but seems to be good one. Still trying to figure out the buttons.

ps The white debris floating in the canal is cottonwood fluff that drifts along the sidewalks like snow and gets up your nose, reminding us that cities can proliferate but won't have the last word. 

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