Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Canada Goddam!!!! / Colton Boushie

That sums up how I feel about the justice system after the farce of a non-guilty verdict for Gerard Stanley when his gun "accidentally" shot Colton Boushie in the head.

Do you need more details? Gerard Stanley is white. A Saskatchewan farmer. Colton Boushie was a 22-yr-old Cree.

There was a small vigil held in Montreal today. Around two hundred people. Signs, speeches, candles, drumming, song.

Justice needs to have a good think about what's going to happen next if it's going to retain any of its already shaky credibility.


  1. What troubled me almost as much as the verdict in that trial was the tenor of much of the commentary afterwards, Alice. Online, mostly, and even in the most unexpected places. Comments on articles in the Tyee, for example. I sometimes feel that the blowhard south of the border and his supporters have given permission to people to say terrible thing. To release the worst vitriol.