Thursday, February 25, 2016

which way?

Some writers plot their novels, map out structure, decide where to place what someone once told me he called "seat belt scenes".
I'm not that organized. Nor do I want to be. I have vague ideas of directions I could take, possible developments between characters, possible disasters, possible good times. (That's right: conflict and disaster make for more interesting fiction than happy marriages and kids who always behave.) But I'm never really sure what will happen until I'm writing.
This morning I've been looking at pics I took while in Austria last fall, refreshing my memory of the streets and architecture that my character will be walking through on this, his first visit to a town where he is hoping to find the answer to a puzzle. I knew what that puzzle was before I went to Austria--and I still don't know exactly what the answer will be.  

And I'm laughing because I keep seeing these kind of pictures and I'm wondering what I was trying to tell myself when I was there, and what I should be taking from this now. 

Yoo-hoo! Subconscious! Are you teasing me?

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