Friday, January 22, 2021

january #walking

Remember making snow shelters or forts or whatever you called them? Packing the snow, digging out a hole, crawling inside. The light  through the snow, seeing how snow wasn't really *white*. Peeking at the world if you'd made a few windows.

I saw lots of snow sculptures in the last week--lots of people taking pictures too. But no one was looking at this grimy snowperson slumped against a pole, gravel eyes and twig arms. So I did.  

How lucky can a person get? Not one but TWO truss bridges only a few moments' walk from where l live. Both cross the Lachine Canal.


  1. Snow forts were expressly forbidden to me as a small child. We lived on a cul de sac and all the snow got plowed into a pile in the middle, and people's dads could create elaborate tunnels and forts inside it, and I recall being convinced that this would inevitably lead to death. I wonder now what led my mother to create this impression, or else did I magnify this idea in an overly dramatic fashion. It's interesting what details children take away.

    1. You're not the only one. I showed my pic to someone who couldn't believe that I'd crawled inside. It never occurred to me it could collapse. Yeah... the details children take away.