Monday, November 2, 2020

studies in white

I walk through the less-travelled streets of the city during less-travelled hours when my 2-metre space is less likely to be disturbed. 

So many Covid-abandoned storefronts, some simply abandoned, some making a statement. 

Why is one mannikin posed like an Ingres? What does the other face the street, crotch exposed, yet face hidden by a piece of paper? 

This was hanging in the window of a closed physiotherapy office. The effect is happenstance I wouldn't be able to repeat if I tried. The light, the angle, the empty black space, the reflection from the street behind me.  

Will my valiant geraniums that have survived repeated attacks by squirrels  throughout the summer survive the first snow this morning?



  1. Sorry to hear about the geraniums. They did go a valiant distance, so they deserve the title.

    'Ingres' is a new word for me. Are you referring to the painter? Also, what I find interesting about the two mannequins is that even in plaster or plastic or whatever they're made of they mimic the closed (polite, protective?) female position vs the wide open who cares male one. The kind of mentality you don't want to sit next to in a theatre.

    The spine looks like some life form hanging from its feet, face to the camera, hands in prayer pose.

    My favourite is the valiant geraniums.

  2. Thanks for showing me the spine this way--a new life form!
    Ingres, yes, painted his (female) models partly undressed but kept their (female) fronts shielded.
    The cold has definitively assassinated the geraniums for this year.