Sunday, March 22, 2020

stump in the air

Once upon a time a tree grew into the wires overhead.

Or was there a tree already and wires were strung along the street anyhow?

The service people who install wires don't always exercise foresight. We moved into a house with a stone windowsill pulled a foot out of the brick wall by the weight of the telephone wires that had been hooked into it some years previously. R had to fight with Bell to get them to come remove the wires and reattach them appropriately. That was hard enough. They categorically refused to pay for the damages incurred. 

A tree is a tree and it keeps growing as trees do. At what point did the tangle of branches and wires become a problem?

Was it a problem? Clearly the wires continue to function even though they became surrounded by and embedded in the branch. And yet the tree was cut down.

I would love to have been party to the discussion as to decide what to do.


  1. This must have been one of the lessons learned before they (ahem) twigged onto the idea of cutting branches that get too close to wires before they get too close and thereby avoid cutting down the whole tree. Here we see whole sections of a roadside tree lopped and pruned so that the shape of the tree is odd, but the tree remains and the wire float happily stumpless. (Also interesting is that the stump doesn't affect the performance of the wires.)

    1. Ahem. But yeah, what you describe would seem to be the wiser way to proceed and what one sees usually.