Monday, June 24, 2019

cycling / montreal

My bike and I, we are neither of us so young anymore, but on the second longest day of the year we cycled 35 k.

A few weeks ago R gave my bike a tuneup, new brake cables, and adjusted the gears. My knees could have used a tuneup and adjustment too.

No matter. I have a simplistic dangling-carrot mentality and can spur myself on with the prospect of the ice cream I'll have at halfway point. Coming home I think of wine and a bbq. A lovely, hot shower to slough off the exoskeleton of salt.

The river is still high--unusual for this time of year. Trees that are normally along the shore have their trunks half a metre or more underwater.

People were out strolling, cycling, inline skating, reading on benches, having picnics. I regret not getting a pic of the man cycling with a Chihuahua on the front-mounted kiddie seat of his bike. The dog was up on front legs on the handlebars/prow of the bike, ears flared, eyes fixed like a bold, brave figurehead. A happy dog with a sense of purpose.

I only recently discovered the name is Chihuahua. All these years I thought it was Chichihuahua.

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