Tuesday, January 30, 2018

winter sun / hello from a tiger

This morning the distant sun was shining as brightly as it could through the winter mist: a fiery haze. How can a thing be fiery and still so cold? Ask Dante. The icy sidewalk was so frozen and unyielding that the recycling bin R had put out to be collected had skittered into the street. I had to carry it back and try to balance it on bumpy-ice-varnished sidewalk again.

In the afternoon I took a walk and crossed the Lachine Canal. More bumpy ice. Sun still valiant.

I was heading from the market to Verdun to visit a friend for tea and met this imposing figure who I see whenever I walk down that street.

Which street? Sorry, don't pay attention.

I've never been sure where to place her/him in the kaleidoscope of human experience, but today I was reminded of an installation/dance performance I saw a couple of weeks ago.

The artist was Claudia Chan Tak who had gone on a trip to China to find out more about her Chinese heritage. The installation featured paper lamps, costumes, Chinese words and their French translations, photos, figurines, videos, emails, and more.

Also: a less weather-battered version of the Verdun tiger.

Is it the eyes, the muzzle, the humanoid skull?

Seriously, you don't forget this head.

Merci, Claudia!

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