Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Five Roses week #1

Lots of great things happened for Five Roses during its first official week in the world.

To start, I got an amazing review by the well-known Can Lit blogger, Kerry Clare:

That was followed by a generous review (Ian McGillis) in the Montreal Gazette, for which I was very happy.

My publisher, Dundurn, sent Five Roses on a blog tour, so every day of the week I got a new review, which made for excellent breakfast reading. If you're interested in several different takes on the novel, here are the links:

My friend, Matilda Magtree, also offered her reflections. Since I admire her writing (which can be found in her Kent Clark guise as Carin Makuz--or is that the other way around? Maybe Matilda is Kent?), I was most curious to read what she thought.

I wrote a blog post for the Dundurn website about the writing of the novel which might interest those who wonder how big--or little--of an idea can spark a novel.

The week ended with a stellar review (Dana Hansen) in the Quill & Quire.

I'm still dancing a little bit around the room about that. If you know me, then you know that I'm not much of a dancer, so I have to be careful not to trip over my feet.

And although it's part of this week, not last week, on Wed morning, in her discussion of great summer reads on CBC Ontario Morning, Kerry Clare said this: 

CBC: "How does [Zorn] compare to Richler?"
KC: "She has her own tone, her own approach."

Which is what I think too.