Saturday, October 10, 2015

the mushroom told me

We found a café-bar but it had closed for the season. The advantage of travelling off-season is that there are less tourists but also less tourist infrastructure.

We  continued on our way past a mysterious yellow door and a canal that ran milky green on one side and clear on the other.

There was a castle but only the eagles were fed there.  

At the lake I called for the fish that’s supposed to grant three wishes, but he must have been sleeping.

I thought this one would help but he had only earnest exhortations about the fine quality of the drinking water (which it was). 

I wondered if it was wise to enter what I believed was a Grimms fairytale forest, but R was ravenous and tromped ahead. 

When he found a mushroom the size of a human head, he wanted to break off a piece—à la Hansel and Gretel—but I wouldn’t let him.

In return, the mushroom told us to continue through the forest past the troll house.

Listen to mushrooms. At Finkelstein we found a Gasthaus where I had excellent Kasnudel (cottage cheese dumplings). R is eating his soup—with homemade spätzle—so fast that his fork is a blur. 

The napkins on the tables are thicker than my bed sheets back home. I kept them for writing letters.

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