Tuesday, August 18, 2015

how about walking 300 k in the Prairies?

Here in Montreal we go for walks by the river. I know him as Matthew, but I see he goes by Matt when he returns to the landscape whence he hails.
After doing more well-known pilgrimages in Spain, Norway, and Ireland--and elsewhere--Matt decided to walk 300 k through the plains of south-west Saskatchewan along what's known as the North West Mounted Police Trail.

I'm proud of him for having walked it. I walk daily and always feel that's a way of being where I am in the landscape, by which I also mean urban landscape. I like to get from A to B on my own two feet, even if it takes more time. I have strong memories of places I've visited because I've seen them slowly--at the pace of walking.

To see the landscape and where Matt and his pilgrims walked, see this fine short video (15 min) by George Tsougrianis, broadcast by Swift Current & Area news.

To read more about Matt's walk, read his excellent blog entries for July, 2015 at http://somethinggrand.ca/

I believe the photo of the rainbow was taken by Bishop Don.

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  1. Walking. Yes. There's magic in it, I swear.

    (also, I love discovering a new blog. This is a dilly. Thank you!)