Wednesday, December 10, 2014

still snowing 12 hrs later

It's not just the snow. In terms of depth, this is nothing. What's interesting about today's downfall is how it sticks even to vertical surfaces. It's doing a surround-blow, get-into-the-crevices, coat-the-branches, suffocate-with-white gig. The wind keeps it moving, gives it some upswing. The ice pellets help it stick.
I walked home into the wind and ice pellets. The road I was on had not yet been cleared, so my walk was more of a stagger and trudge. I'd had a lovely supper of grilled Parmesan-Portobello mushroom drizzled with secret ingredients, followed by lamb pierogi. A glass of port, a bit of old cheddar, some cherry tomatoes.
The cold outside makes you want to imagine good things to eat.


  1. The snow, the trudging, the port and cheese and secret ingredients, the perfect winter evening. Such romance, ice pellets notwithstanding...

    1. My face feels quite smooth this morning. I'm wondering if 30 min of an ice pellet treatment could be marketed as a form of facial treatment?