Saturday, June 21, 2014

bangladeshi stir-fry / intercultural gardening

Any ideas as to what this is? The stalks are two feet in length. R ate a leaf raw and said it tastes like grass.
The woman in the sari from the neighbouring garden plot insisted on giving me some. She couldn't tell me what it was. She said to cook it in "ulive oil" with "ninion" and "garlic". I am not making fun of her accent. I'm thinking her pronunciation might give me a clue as to what the leaves are.
I have red leaf lettuce ready to eat in my garden and offered her some. She shook her head.
I had one hot pepper almost 6" long which I picked and gave her. She smiled but looked pained. "Too..." She held up her arm and circled it with her fingers. "Like this."
The peppers are supposed to get fat as her arm before I pick them??? I didn't know.
"This..." She showed me my pepper. "Not tasty."
I'll bet it's probably as hot as I can tolerate.
So one learns.

P.S. I have since cooked the leaves. They have an interesting texture unlike spinach or sorrel. Rather than wilting as soon as they're in the oil, they get sort of crispy. Thank you to Louise Voyer who identified them as amaranth greens--aka callaloo and many other names throughout the world.

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